inian Mountain

inian Mountain

inian Mountain

If you ever want to see an authentic and untouched piece of nature then you should go to Ionian Mountain. This is a 400-meter high mountain that is located in the eastern part of Croatia, on the border of Greece and Italy. Even though it bears a insignificance of its height, this mountainous massif is full of rich biodiversity. Living up to its name, the Ionian Mountain houses a large diversity of plant and animal life. Ever-numerous species of migrating birds throughout the year, more than 300 species of plants, more than 40 species of rare plants, and a large number of species of invertebrates. The Mountain also supports a large number of mammals and reptiles including tigers, bears, deer, mountain goats, blue sheep, roe deer, wild boar, porcupines, beavers, grey wolves, mountain lions,anders, and even rare white lions. สล๊อตเว็บตรงแตกง่าย

The Ionian is home to 7 species of protected mammals including the extremely rare volcanic island fox and the almost extinct European brown bear. On the other hand, the Ionian Marine, a marine preserve, is home to thousands of species of fish, including the mighty aluvial dolphins. This marine park is a unique habitat forall species of corals and sponges.Found among rocky cliffs and with distinctive sponges, it is home to such ashore creatures as sea whips, green turtles, large sea cranes, pelicans, hermit crabs, shrimp, and eels.inian Mountain

Another place quite worth visiting isVarka National Park. This Croatian park is located around 70km from Zagreb and is separated by the Danube River Valley from the Istria National Park. The park is located in the south-west tip of the Urban Group of Croatia. Varka is one of the few places in Croatia where both mountain goats and wolves roam freely. According to a survey in 2000, the park’s population was 56,4% rural people, 33,6% Serbs, 8,7% Croats, 7,5% Slovenes, and 3,9% Bosnian andHungarians.inian Mountain

The Naturalists’ Paradise:Svenska Valley, in particular, is a sight to behold. Rich in flora and fauna, this valley is a paradise for nature lovers. It is a very convenient place because it is connected by a series of trails and roads. Such are perfect for mountain biking, hiking and mountaineering. In addition, this is a great place for seeing wild goats. As spring comes, the wild goats begin to appeared around the 15th day.inian Mountain

According to a survey in 2001, the entire valley is home to 365 species of mammals, Testament to the numerous badgers, deer and Go-a-longs. Moreover, there are around 210 birds species that use this valley. The rare and endangered Pelican and Spoonbills moved here from extremely distant locations. detailed maps and guides are available are available from the leadership of the Natural Protection Area (Poachers’ Groups).inian Mountain

The scenario is quite simple: we enter the park “Vlasic sin” (no entrance fee), leave the car and enter into a different world.inian Mountain

This is the entrance fee:

Finnish scientists performed a survey of the lakes and forests (1860-1911), and came up with a alarming report: half of the surveyed lakes had diminution in their water levels, including 19% with dropping water levels. If the water level of an alpine lake such as Gryta drops, it will be accompanied by a significant increase in trout abundance. According to the specialists, the alpine environment is the environment close to the breaking point, and where nature is trampling advanced development and creating an emperor of lakes.inian Mountain

Information gathered from the literature and from aerial photographs supports the findings of the aviation specialists, according to which there are prospects for an improvement of water levels along the pediments of the Tryweryn River, the largest of the Poland’s rivers.inian Mountain

In the late afternoon, we eagerly waited for the confirmation of the results, as rain was forecast in the near future. To our knowledge, rain fell in Simwrica, a few days later, but on the bright side, the surrounding terrain was far from flat and boggy. The photographic safari was held indoors, and the going-over the stunning valley was done in a Jeep, a favorite vehicle of ours. Every one of the seven gradients was explored, and the Go-Cams were turned off, to give the visitors the thrill of the track without the anxiety of abrupt surprises.inian Mountain

One of the amalgamation of special attractions of the valley is the Krakatoa Impression.inian Mountain


inian Mountain